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The Student Food Resource Centre, located at the back of MacKinnon Hall (enter through the white door on the right), offers temporary food relief for Students at X. Come into the Centre anytime Monday to Friday between 9:15 and 5:30 to have a shopping experience through our shelves filled with enough food to supplement you for a week. This is a confidential service– you simply must provide your Student number and are then able to grab the resources you need to ensure that you remain happy and healthy here at X. If your budget is tight and you need a helping hand, visit the Student Food Resource Centre and our friendly volunteers will be happy to help you out!

We have started a community garden to help nourish the students at STFX. Starting in September, students will be able to access fresh, local veggies grown right from the garden. The SFRC will be giving these out to their patrons!
STFX Garden 2014

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