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The Garden! Spring 2014
October News
There’s been a ton going on in the past couple of weeks in the Student Food Resource Centre office! From the TNT Haunted Walk being a huge success, to the first harvest of the StFX community garden hitting the menu at Morrison Hall, to individual student donations, and an extraordinarily successful Trick-or-Eat! Not to mention unbelievable commitment from the SFRC volunteers and useful feedback from SFRC patrons! I think that we have a lot to be proud of and a lot of new ground to cover when it comes to food on campus!

TNT Haunted Walk:
The Haunted Walk was a huge success! The girls of TNT (along with the help from their MP and MD counterparts) managed to donate over $860 and a ton of non-perishable food items for the SFRC! THANKS TNT!

StFX Community Garden:
Brett McCullough and Keirsten Wilson have been working hard to maintain and harvest the community garden, located behind Lane Hall. Since the first plants went in at the end of August, we have seen success with our sweet potatoes, beans, peas, carrots, lettuce, and radishes! The radishes made it into the Morrison Hall menu on Wednesday October 30th in a salad, thanks to chef Mike Pollock! Some of the food was eaten by animals and some died from the cold. Brett and Keirsten have been covering the garden nightly to try to keep the frost away and we all continue to learn a little bit more about gardening as the days go on! They have big dreams to continue the garden over the summer and over the years as well! THANKS BRETT, KEIRSTEN, AND MIKE!


The Student Food Resource Centre is well underway! The information collected from the “Patron Intake Forms” have been used to re-evaluate cultural considerations, dietary limitations, and general comments about the service! It is so appreciated! Thanks to all the volunteers for your time commitment!


About 160 volunteers took to the streets tonight to help fight hunger within the Antigonish community for the Meal Excahnge’s annual Trick-or-Eat event. 3875 lbs. of food was collected and $530 raised! We beat last year’s donation of 2800 lbs. of food last year; we have so much to be proud of! As Kendall Lee, the organizer of the event says, “It’s unbelievable to see the real difference this can make in people’s lives, this event makes such a difference”. THANKS TO KENDALL LEE, THE VOLUNTEERS, AND ALL TRICK-OR-EAT’ERS!
September News
We are thrilled to be opening up the new Centre on Tuesday October 15th! Come check us out in the basement of MacKinnon hall (enter in through the back of the building facing the parking lot and enter through the white door on the right). If you’re in need of some food or want to check out the new location, you know where to go!!

Back of Mackinnon!


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